The Barbell Academy is proud to be the Agatsu affiliate, Agatsu North.  Mike, our owner and head coach has a passion for continuing education, always improving his fitness skills.  When Mike began his training through Agatsu, he quickly learned that Shawn Mozen, the founder and President of Agatsu, is an amazing mentor.  It was a natural progression to incorporate them into our day to day life here at The Barbell Academy.  We were beyond ecstatic when they accepted our request to become an Agatsu affiliate and use the name - Agatsu North! 





When you think about your fitness ideal what comes to mind? Many of us have seen someone who can bench-press a car but they may also have a big belly. How about the marathon runner who can run for days but they lack the power and muscle definition you may want for yourself? What about the bodybuilder who looks like they are carved out of stone but lacks endurance?

Do these athletes represent your fitness ideal? Each one of these people and their respective skills represent excellence in one area of fitness, however they certainly do not reflect an overall fitness model.


Being fit is more than the ability to excel in any one given area. Imagine an athlete you admire. More often than not they are the personification of power, grace, mobility and endurance. They embody a multitude of highly developed traits rather than excellence in one area. At Agatsu we see fitness as being fit for a task. The particular tasks we are training for is life and everything it has to throw at us.

If you are strong life is easier. Being able to carry, bear a load and move against resistance is as important for a day laborer as it is for someone carrying their kids and groceries all at the same time. Possessing the endurance to get through a tough day and enjoy your evening without collapsing is as essential as retaining the strength to get through the day. Weather you are an athlete or someone who sits at a desk five days a week, having good joint mobility, health and flexibility as you age will help you stay active and thriving for years to come.

Well rounded attributes contribute to making great athletes. The same is true for anyone seeking to improve their life and their personal fitness level.  Agatsu programs seek to improve mobility, flexibility, endurance and strength. We develop all of these attributes through the dedicated study of human movement. From body-weight training to resistance exercises every program is an exploration of human movement and potential. Our training system is based on the following pyramid.

We build all of our training on sound nutrition. This includes everything from a proper diet to sleep and recover practices. From there we train to recapture our natural mobility and flexibility. During this stage we learn to control out bodies through mastery of bodyweight skills and prep ourselves for work with resistance training. We train mobility and movement before weights and other forms of resistance. We build strength on our mobility practice with Kettlebells, Barbells and other forms of resistance training and from there we develop our endurance so that we are not only strong but also built to last. At the top of the pyramid is specialization. Here many of our students focus their training on a particular discipline in the form of competition or as the central focus of their personal practice.

In the search to become masters of movement we develop our minds, bodies and spirits.  Great training doesn’t begin and end with your weight or appearance. At Agatsu we train to look, feel, move and live better.