A strength and conditioning program with the aim of improving cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.  At The Barbell Academy you will build strength though our programming.  Our amazing coaches will help you build a stronger, fitter, faster and a healthier version of yourself.



Rowing is a highly effective alternative or compliment to any of our other classes.  A low-impact, efficient, full-body workout that combines rowing circuits on the Concept 2 Indoor Rower with a variety of workout on the gym floor.  Workouts with kettlebells are functional exercises that target multiple muscle groups at once.  This class combines the endurance of rowing and muscular strength and endurance of kettlebells, while focusing on breathing, movement and alignment to control balance and weight.



The emphasis of the elements program is on skill development and exposure to the wide variety of movements The Barbell Academy uses.  You will be coached on technique throughout class to ensure your safety and success as your progress.  These are private one-on-one classes with Coach Mike.  If new to CrossFit, we require the completion of 3 Element sessions before attending programmed Daily WODs.  If you're a veteran CrossFitter a demonstration of your skills is all that is required.



This is suitable for a beginner or advanced runner.  Runs are led by awesome coaches who provide individual feedback, encouragement and give programing suggestions.



Some extra time at the gym to do “your own thing”, a workout you missed earlier in the week, or an individualized program.  A coach is always on site during open gym times to ensure everyone’s safety and act as a resource.



This class is designed to help athletes prevent injuries, rehab tired muscles, and ready your body for your next workout.  This class includes poses that will work to increase your mobility and ease muscle soreness.


Back TO Basics

This class is designed to allow members who have progressed through their elements program to slow their movements down, remember their basics and clean up their technique from bad habits that form over time.